The Aggie Access Priority Point Program provides a fair and transparent method for determining donor priority and guiding the distribution of benefits. It recognizes our donors' commitment by honoring and rewarding their generous financial support and passion for Texas A&M Athletics. Donors receive points for charitable giving, season ticket purchases, service and loyalty.

Benefits of Priority Points

Assignment of Away and Postseason Tickets

The 12th Man Foundation uses priority ranking in the assignment of away and postseason game tickets. Donors and season ticket holders who are active members of the 12th Man Foundation have the opportunity to purchase tickets for these events based on availability and their priority ranking.

Seating Requests

The 12th Man Foundation uses priority ranking when considering requests for new or additional or upgraded season tickets for all sports, including requests for premium seating areas and suites.

Invitations to Special Events and other Benefits

The 12th Man Foundation uses priority ranking when extending invitations to special events or offering any other benefits, as deemed appropriate by the 12th Man Foundation Board of Trustees.

Requests for Parking at Football, Basketball and Baseball

The 12th Man Foundation uses priority ranking when considering requests for parking for home football, basketball and baseball games.

Requests for Single Home Game Tickets

The 12th Man Foundation uses priority ranking when considering requests for new, additional or upgraded season tickets for all sports, including requests for premium seating areas and suites. Donors will have first right to purchase single home game tickets prior to the general public. From time to time, the first right to purchase may be offered to donors based on their priority ranking.

Allocation of Priority Points

Total Charitable Giving

4 Points for every $100 contributed

Includes Annual Fund contributions, annual seat contributions, endowments, major gifts and other charitable gifts to the 12th Man Foundation.

Years of Consecutive Giving

25 Points per year

Points are awarded for each year of consecutive giving. Points are forfeited in the year consecutive giving ceases.

Non-priority Season Ticket Holders

5 Points per season ticket

The season ticket holder, if an active donor, will be awarded 5 points per season ticket. Points began accumulating with the 2015-2016 season.

Priority Season Ticket Holder

10 Points per priority season ticket

Priority season tickets includes seats with an annual contribution and faculty, staff and Lettermen season ticket purchases. Must be an active donor of the 12th Man Foundation.

Bonus Priority Points for Philanthropic Giving

12th Man

5 Points awarded annually


10 Points awarded annually

MVP Gold

15 Points awarded annually


20 Points awarded annually

Champions Council & Diamond Champions Council

25 Points awarded annually

*Points began accumulating in 2024.

*Required seat contributions as well as sport or program-specific gifts (booster clubs, support groups, spirit groups, etc.) do not qualify for bonus priority points.

Lettermen Letter Bonus

200 Points one-time award

Awarded to any active Lettermen's Association member who lettered while at Texas A&M based on Texas A&M Lettermen's Association records.

Planned Giving

4 Points for every $100 contributed

Priority points may be awarded at the time of gifting under the following guidelines:

  • The gift must be irrevocable; the terms of the gift may not be amended without consent of the beneficiary (12th Man Foundation).
  • Priority points will be awarded based on the net present value of the portion of the corpus of the gift held in cash or cash equivalents, using the IRS calculation of NPV.
  • From time to time as additional portions of the corpus are liquidated, additional points may be awarded, again using the IRS calculation of NPV.

E-Check (ACH) Bonus

3% bonus of donation amount

Gifts in Kind

4 Points for every $100 contributed

Goods or services gifted and fair market value of the gift are approved according to the terms of the 12th Man Foundation's Gift Acceptance Policy prior to point award.

Lettermen's Association Lifetime Members

100 Points one-time award

Includes Annual Fund contributions, annual seat contributions, endowments, major gifts and other charitable gifts to the 12th Man Foundation

Historical Priority Point Allocations

Athletic Ambassadors

10 points awarded per year of service from 1999-2018.

MVP & MVP Gold

10 Points awarded annually from 2019 - December 31, 2023.

Champions Council & Diamond Champions Council

15 Points awarded annually from January 15, 2015 - December 31, 2023.

Awarded to current members who make a successful membership referral

10 Points
More Information / Make a Referral


To earn and retain your priority points, your account must be active by maintaining your membership. If you have not renewed your membership, please click here to donate now.


Seating and parking for all ticketed sports is based on your priority point ranking.

Ranking determines future ticket allocation and seating priority for all ticketed sports as well as parking assignments when applicable.

All account holders shall have access to their account online in their Account Manager area located after logging in on Each member's online account shows their total priority points and ranking.

Each account holder's priority points are calculated at the end of each day. This aids in determining your rank. Throughout the year, the Foundation will also post point snapshots.


For individual donors, priority points are accrued in the personal account of the individual donor for their lifetime.

For any non-individual donor, such as an organization, business, corporation, foundation or donor- owned entity such as a Limited Liability Company or Limited Liability Partnership, priority points expire 10 years after the date earned. The expiration of priority points which originated prior to January 15, 2015, held by a non-individual donor, however, are governed by the policy in effect prior to the amended policy that became effective on January 15, 2015, which did not define an end date for priority points held in non-individual donor accounts.


To ensure fairness, transparency and equitable treatment of all donors, Foundation priority points are not transferable. Unless expressly permitted under the terms of this policy, priority points may not be sold, transferred or reassigned under any circumstances.

  • If two individuals (while legally married) have accounts in their individual capacities under different names, priority points accumulated by either spouse may be combined in one single joint account. The new joint account shall be re-calculated to reflect the overall point total of the previously held individual accounts. This rule shall only apply to married spouses and shall not include couples who are engaged or couples who live at the same residence.
  • In the event of a divorce, the Foundation shall adhere to the specific order or instructions set forth in the marital settlement agreement or divorce decree and shall allocate priority points, season tickets and parking accordingly. If the allocation of season tickets and parking is not specifically addressed in a divorce decree, all season tickets and parking amassed during marriage shall be divided as stated in the written agreement between both parties. Absent a marital settlement agreement or other written agreement between the parties, a determination on the allocation of the priority points between the spouses will be made by the Foundation at its sole discretion.
  • Prior to or at the time an eligible gift is made, a donor may request that the priority points earned from said gift be credited to another individual donor except when such priority points were related to a required seat contribution. Once credited to another individual, these priority points cannot be transferred further to any other individual or entity except under the other express provisions of the Priority Point Program.
  • Priority points awarded based on a required seat contribution must remain associated with the primary ticket holder reflected in the Foundation's records.
  • Subject to approval of the Foundation, a donor making a planned gift may designate a recipient of the associated priority points which will be awarded upon the gift being valued and received by the Foundation. The donor making the planned gift may change the designated recipient prior to the priority points being awarded subject to the approval of the Foundation. It is the responsibility of the donor to complete the planned gift priority point recipient designation form and failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of any points associated with the planned gift.
  • If a non-individual donor dissolves or ceases to do business, the entity shall direct the Foundation in writing, after the entity has complied with the appropriate statutory requirements for winding up its affairs, how the priority points shall be allocated. Such allocation shall only be made to another donor and such priority points shall be subject to the same expiration provisions that the priority points were subject to at origination.
  • If the entity fails to direct the Foundation on the allocation of priority points within sixty (60) days of concluding its operations, the priority points may expire and become non-transferable.
  • In the event an entity dissolves or ceases to do business and the entity has failed to direct how to re- allocate its priority points, the Foundation may, on its own initiative determine whether individuals have been instrumental in the entity's support of Texas A&M Athletics and allow a re-allocation of some or all the entity's priority points as determined fair and equitable by the Foundation. In such case, impacted priority points shall be subject to the same expiration provisions that the points were subject to at origination.

An individual account that meets or exceeds $35M in lifetime philanthropic giving to the 12th Man Foundation will be permitted to make a one-time* addition of associated parties to the individual account. Such additional associated parties may only be first generation, lineal descendants of the donor and their spouse. The associated parties have full benefit of the individual account's priority points and are subject to the Priority Point Program's individual account expiration policy. Administrative details for this benefit will be provided by the 12th Man Foundation to a qualifying individual account.

*Subsequent requests to add additional first generation, lineal descendants must be approved by the Foundation at its sole discretion.


Decisions of the 12th Man Foundation are final

  • All decisions with the respect to formally submitted reviews, challenges or appeals are final.


  • Errors in calculation of priority points will be promptly reviewed and corrected when brought to the attention of the 12th Man Foundation.

Not Liable for Losses or Damage

  • Under no circumstances shall the University, the Texas A&M Athletics Department, the Foundation, any of their affiliated organizations or any of their officers, directors, agents, employees or consultants be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from errors, whether intentional or negligent, including miscalculation or omissions, failure to correct errors or the award or failure to award priority points or benefits in accordance with the Priority Point Program.

Subject to Change without Notice

  • Priority Point Program policies and procedures are subject to change without notice to donors. Regardless of actual or constructive notice to donors, all changes shall have immediate effect.

Loss of Account/NCAA Violations

  • Any donor or account holder who is found to be in violation of NCAA, affiliated conference or Texas A&M University rules or regulations is potentially subject to loss, suspension, denial or non-renewal of priority points. Donors disassociated from Texas A&M University because of action taken and upheld by the NCAA or the affiliated conference are not eligible to receive priority points during the period of their disassociation.