The 1922 Fund represents our desire to endow scholarships for all student-athletes at Texas A&M.

Texas A&M Athletics was changed forever on January 2, 1922. That was the day E. King Gill was called from the crowd to put on a uniform and stand ready for his team.

It was a transformative moment for our great university, and Gill's actions still resonate as new generations of Aggies stand and support their teams.

Following in Gill's footsteps, you can make an indelible impact on Texas A&M Athletics by endowing a scholarship through the 1922 Fund.

For in-state student-athletes, the cost of tuition and fees, academic support, nutrition and other expenses averages over $54,732 per year. For an out-of-state student-athlete, that number reaches more than $84,016.

Our goal is to fully endow scholarships for every student-athlete at Texas A&M, building a sustainable model of funding where your investment can provide the opportunity for Aggie student-athletes to excel on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

A gift to the 1922 Fund is a direct investment in the long-term viability and success of Texas A&M Athletics. We invite you to make a transformative impact in the future of our student-athletes.

Benefits of Philanthropic Endowments

“My scholarship has completely changed my life and my parents' lives. It is an absolute blessing and something that I never take for granted. I' m completely humbled and honored to have this opportunity.”

Manny Obaseki '25 | Aggie Men's Basketball
Manny Obaseki