Through capital giving, our donors make transformative investments towards the construction or redevelopment of athletic facilities which are vital to the sustained success of Texas A&M Athletics.

Why Give?

Capital giving is instrumental in fostering excellence across Texas A&M athletic facilities. By providing state-of-the-art infrastructure, Texas A&M is able to attract and retain top coaching talent that is critical to the success of student-athletes.
Ensuring Texas A&M stands as a leader in the world of collegiate athletics requires athletic facilities that inspire and support the best student-athletes. Your invaluable contributions directly enhance Texas A&M's ability to retain a competitive recruiting advantage.
Upgraded facilities create optimal training environments, allowing athletes to hone their skills and reach peak performance.
A variety of benefits are available for capital donations made to the 12th Man Foundation. Click here to learn more.

Have Questions?

Have questions about capital giving or interested in making a gift?